10 October 2010

autumnal bits

hey, my beautiful buddy annie is editing a book, and here is where you can help!
this book is gonna be rad!

also, some of you who know me personally: i no longer have your phone number and you do not have my new #. email me? and know that i don't look at that often either.

okay, goodbye again, cyber-world.

12 September 2010


hey folks!
it's been a long time!
i forgot to mention last time that clare will be at this thing in nola:
Just to recap on the details, the exhibit will run September 11 - November 30 at Trouser House. The installation is a two-room environment comprising a zine library and reading area. On September 18, Trouser House will host a zine-making workshop for teens at the New Orleans Public Library Alvar Branch.
Trouser House | contemporary art + urban farming
4105 St. Claude Ave
New Orleans, LA 70117

other than that i am back in austin, thanks to everyone's support when i had a bit of trouble a couple weeks ago.

i'm working on a zine right now(in lieu of going to the ida work party), so i'm going to try to finish that before week's end.
until next time.

18 June 2010


hello everybody! it's been so long since i have posted and while many things have changed, some things did not so much, like my usage of technology.
so, one of the changes is that a dear friend and i decided to do something relatively easy: play house! this may possibly be the first time i've signed on a lease, unless i did once over a decade ago. anyway, we have beautiful girls:

and the creature in the background is my friend tally-ho:

she poked out one of her eyes two weeks ago, but she doesn't seem to mind. i don't have a picture of that cuz i haven't used/seen my camera in two months, when i took all of these pictures.

what does any of this have to do with comics, you ask? well, not a whole lot except for distraction and inspiration. it really has been a crazy couple of months and that's just the lovely tip of the iceberg. and i will only include the lovely things here and now. back in april we of the house held a fund-raising car wash for the work hard stay hard work party happening this fall, where i think am registered to be captain of chainsaws and hopefully will be able to get my butt in gear to make a basic safety and maintenance booklet. here is a flyer i made for the carwash:

well, this is old news:

last march i printed another mini-comic, called clare, to take with me to staple!, that was held here in austin. staple!, by the way, seemed rather dudely to me, kinda more mainstream than i was expecting. but an odd aside, last night i visited some friends who're house-sitting for someone i do not know and i noticed some of auntie lynda barry's books on the shelf that didn't seem to contain many comics, and then i found a copy of my beauty patrol there as well, with a staple! program. kinda some small and unknown circles going here? anyway, clare--very limited print run on this one.
here's some of what it looks like:

also, another friend is putting together an anthology, and i just about buried my pages in the forgotten dust long ago, but finally finished them and sent them on--old fashioned style snail mail, since i am still lacking scanner access. i did a short 7-page piece and then i also did a one-pager. usps, please do not lose these!
here is a preview of the seven page story:

okay, that's all i have for now. have a good solstice, everyone. take a bow, twinkie ding-dong!

19 January 2010

dry drizzle

hey out there, my apologies for no updates since last year!

speaking of which, here is a perfect something a friend sent me a couple weeks ago, which put me into the perspective of anyone who has ever tried to contact me; i am so sorry everyone:

speaking of missings, some of you know i have this favorite ball-point pen. and some of you know i've 'lost' it, and it has returned to me time and time again. it's like i am supposed to learn some lesson. well, recently, i thought she was gone for good. weeks had passed and i was sad, but i got over the gamut of loss. and then the pen returned. i immediatedly documented this(with said pen):

i guess i am following the phone/contact apology with this cuz it's related. i'll write a love letter to my pen, when i know you should get one. in a way, i guess that is the lesson to be learned. it's that time when folks turn over their new leaves, where-ever a new leaf comes from in the winter, and maybe it's time i start acting like a human.

speaking of humans, here is some stuff some humans have made, some recent aquisitions:

every so often i like to stop by domy and if i've sold any books, i like to pick up a little something for my library. a collection of doris--which i expect will take me a while to read through. cindy's writings are right on, which is hard to read sometimes. it's taken me a while to read a singular doris zine in the past. also, this kind of billy--it came with a cd (which seems to be the thing everyone's doing) which i have not listened to yet but look forward to the moment of experiencing it. this book plays with identity, which was the hook for me. and lastly, sad animals by adam meuse. i had to. i mean, sad animals!:

what else? want some sketchbook images? fine.

the funny shadows are from my window screen (these are photos), but i think it makes a nice effect.

and finally,
here is a comic i am working on. working on it is like a test of my psyche, which is why i don't feel like i can show even a whole page here. and yes, i seem to be hand-coloring it...also using a brush pen, which is unusual for me.

oh yeah!! one more thing! barekublishing/American Stonghold will be representin' at Staple! march 6, here in austin. come say hi at table 73b!

thanks for stopping by!

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