28 January 2009

some pencils

okay, i know i haven't posted much, or really anything i've been drawing lately, so here is a look at some pencils i did mostly over the weekend that the lovely melissa mendes is inking for a collaborative project under the adventurous golden age heel of editor jason lutes. a mongolian boy adventure!
there are some backgrounds, borders and text in blue pencil, which does not show up. also, areas with x's note to fill with black.

22 January 2009

a sad tidbit and a fun memory

kerry passed on the 7th. peacefully in her sleep. she was much too young, only 28.

and i believe there will be a benefit at wild iris books in two days, on the 24th.

of all things i could say of her, i pick this:
she was probably the closest match i have had wrestling. i don't actually wrestle many people. one beautiful night on the beach around jacksonville we were carrying on and getting schwilly and wrestled in the moonlight in the sand while the waves lapped the beach. it was sooo much fun!
bye kerry. you knew a good time. see you next time our spirits meet.

happy new

hi, many things have happened since my last post, some joyous, some tough. also, not enough happened...at any rate, happy new year, happy new president and all that jazz.
the spring semester has just started at my school and there are some new classes that the freshman are having and i have had the oppurtunity to sit in on these classes, which i appreciate.
i don't feel like writing much but am posting because i did want to share this gem:
the other day, How2 Zine lept into my hands. in the back of it is this perfect comic, which i have been looking for for several months now; it's been on my mind since june cuz i wanted some friends in cambridge to see it. and i couldn't find it, and then it magically appeared!! i'm one lucky kub! and i'd like to share it with you--i hope you like it. as i said, i do think it is perfect for various reasons.

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