26 May 2009

maybe you were amongst those

who perhaps thought i was only kidding when i said i was gonna screenprint a cover to my 24-hour comic. i try not to lie. well, here is:

very simple yet satisfying print. red on red action with some lavender gray. i forget sometimes how neat-o screen printing can be on construction paper. i wish it would translate on the computer screen. i am still working on the inside cover, but here is approximately what the full outside cover looks like:

screenprinting magic!
i might as well post a couple pages as well, but that'll be it for now
page 2:

page 14:

24 May 2009

twenty four ours

yesterday/this morning there was a 24-hour comic event put on by grandpapier http://grandpapier.org/ you can see names of participants from various cities and some of them have put up their work. my name isn't up probably because whoever submitted names probably thought i'm too much of a wingnut to actually participate seriously, but i ended up being one of two (possibly three?) folks that i'm aware of who had the chops to finish. jen http://thevaughncurse.com/ was an inspiration, she worked hard all day and night and stayed in her seat much better than my wandering bear ass and we both finished drawing around 6:30 am, leaving about an hour and a half left of the 24.
for those of you who may be unfamiliar with 24-hour comics, the goal is to create 24 pages of comics within 24 hours. i believe it originated with scott mccloud throwing down a challenge to steve bissette in order to churn the creative juices. now it is a celebrated world-wide challenge and there is an official day for it, but sometimes they just happen.
i did mine in a sketchbook, with china marker. a china marker is a sort of grease pencil wrapped in paper. overall, my pages are pretty rough and sloppy--it was refreshing not to rule out the borders. i'm still scanning, but here is a page:

p.s. sorry the links don't work. when i do them the way the computer wants me to, they don't show up at all.

21 May 2009


it's ninety sumptin degrees today, which makes it hard to sleep when one goes to bed at six a.m. and the sun shines on as you nap. i've been in the colodny basement again all night.
here are some conceits from last week. here is a picture of me:

that was drawn by brandon:

as we did a collaborative print. i've also been doing this thing--i've managed to shake the obsession of printing on black, but now i've tended to use at least one color that too closely matches the paper it is on and/or is just hard to see. for instance, can you tell there is a difference in color in the snowstorm scene? :

so last night i finally had an oppurtune moment to print some covers for an anthology for a writer's conference i sometimes am able to go to. and wouldn't you know it? for some reason i decide to use white on cream for one of my colors. well, here that one is:

it didn't quite come together as i would have wished(image-wise), but it was relatively quick to do only two colors, so there was a certain amount of satisfaction in doing only a couple colors. i might start doing more two or three colors for my screenprinting fun.

19 May 2009

little explosions

hi gyrls! it's been a doozy of a time the past few daze! i have been catching up on sleep, at times by unannounced surprise.
I GRADUATED! jeff smith (bone) was the commencement speaker. right now there is an exhibition up of the thesis work in the ccs lobby. stop by and take a gander if you find yourself in the upper valley. my dad came to town and i've gathered he was a hit at the party. folks loved him!
I WENT TO MAINE! mecaf was nicely situated, their first time and my first time as well at one of these comic book gatherings. it may be the only one i go to. crowds can make me feel funny sometimes. i love maine and it was too short a visit; i thought about moving back there.
THIS AFTERNOON I WAS A MEMBER'S GUEST AT THE ROTARY CLUB LUNCHEON! that would be District 7870 Southern New Hampshire and Vermont hosting group study exchange team Visayas District 3860 The Philippines, who made presentations about the Philippines.
i realize this entry doesn't have a picture, so here is some nonsense from my sketchbook:

12 May 2009

afternoon luba

at the end of the ccs school year, there is an exhibition of the seniors' work. so i hung some stuff and was using a small hammer for the tacks. holding and seeing that small hammer reminded me of luba. she walks around with a hammer. and that's how it is. and even though it looks oddly tiny, you still know everything will be okay. cuz you don't #^(% with that.
below ryland is thinking about how being a beauty patrol cadet has carried him through all the tender moments of hop rockin world unification. or maybe he just caught me with a camera.

04 May 2009

fingers crossed

i just turned in my work for my thesis review. i kept boiling down and boiling down what to include, and now i hope it's enough.

01 May 2009

time for a nap

i just got done screen printing (silk screening) the cover to beauty patrol! it will be one of the things i turn in for thesis work on monday. i will also have some at the maine comic arts festival, at the american stronghold table, may 17 in portland, me. for now i need some shut-eye.

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