04 May 2009

fingers crossed

i just turned in my work for my thesis review. i kept boiling down and boiling down what to include, and now i hope it's enough.


Colleen said...

Congratulations, Kubby! Can't wait to read "Beauty Patrol"!!

Dane said...

Congratulations!! Can I trade you for a copy of the comic I'm doing for MECAF? I want to hold it in my hands and breathe it in. I want the words "little dicks" to shine on the page and in my heart.

sandy said...

my dogleg display salutes you from afar--and am hoping for the postal affair to bring abundance

kub E bear, esq said...

thanx beauty patrol cadets! your first job as official cadets will be to seek out your copies hidden in undisclosed and discreet locations. THEN you get to translate it all!
jokes, people, jokes!
you three will have copies in your hot little paws soon.
sure dane, i'll do a tradsie. maybe we can trade the same signed copies back and forth all day at MECAF?

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