31 December 2008

annie murphy gets a xeric!

murph is rad! and she recently got a xeric to print her comic "i still live"
here is an excerpt, scanned (with permission) from the copy i recieved last spring:

the xeric foundation award grants for self-publishing. to find out more, check xericfoundation.org.
to see more of annie's stuff, check her out! http://ghostcatcomics.blogspot.com/
there are some more pages from i still live and she has also had a hand in creating a tarot deck (in which some of the images are there too). it may be possible that decks are still available too?
anyway i adore annie; she has good spirit(s) and worked hard on this project.
and happy belated murphday!

use it or lose it

well, it has been half a month since the last post.
i will start off with some tiny gripes but then it will get better.
tonight the copier was giving me grief.
it is rather frigid outside.
i lost my thumbdrive!
yeah, the new one, on which i was almost done coloring those pages. i get a sort of one-track mind sometimes and well, i just finished scanning those pages again. that is, since i feel like i need to finish them. someone told me to wait a week and now it's been about a week. i know i had it on the 23rd, and probably the 24th and then i stayed homebound, mostly doing housechores for a couple days and when the daze was over, my memory was gone.
nearly absolute nutso i've been driven--i've repeatedly looked in places where i don't see myself putting putting it. i would like to see this occurrence of misplacing memory sticks (a fairly new development in my life) to be ushered out with 2008.
things will positively get better.
i have been using some recent time to fabricate a small world in my head for use with future comics. i have been wanting to dash some out and probably would have if i was not paused at character designs.
admittedly, it is not all fiction. the couple of pages i have in mind stemmed from my awe of the postman. on particularly crappy days he wears a cape. and often i pretend he is an old dyke.
i am technically on break from school, so i have also been reading. the other day i finished poison river(outlines the story of luba before she shows up in palomar), and have now dug into palomar, both are by gilbert hernandez. after work this evening i read the chapter duck feet, where la bruja comes to town. uh-oh! this is where my mind really, no, REALLY started being blown away. ... it all falls apart but is so carefully crafted that it just makes sense and holds on. yeah!

15 December 2008

full moon weekend

first off, thank you lamberts!
they gave us a turkey a couple weeks ago and friday i put it in the fridge from the freezer and yesterday a handful of us here in the junc had dinner together at the american parlor/red haus, which was quite nice.
i appreciated sitting down with folk and eating together. so often i either eat standing or grazing while working. and i also enjoyed spending time in the kitchen, which i don't do nearly enough as of late. having a hand in food preparation feels good for the soul.
it really felt like a sort of happy holiday. thank you everyone!
this was also made possible because i have spent the weekend teaching myself to color on the computer. being at this point is making this comic fun again. i kept re-drawing these images that originally took about five minutes and made me laugh for about fifteen. inking seemed to take forever, and felt relieved when i reached what seemed an okay stopping point. but this coloring thing: it is taking forever (i sat at this computer for about thirty-five hours on saturday). and there are intervals where i start to exclaim that this is an awesome comic and sometimes i mean it! it's good not to be sick of whatever you are working on. that too is good for the soul.
anyway, here is a peak:

09 December 2008

northern hibernation p3

well, this is the scribble from sunday and i haven't drawn any more hibernation pages. last night i was looking over some pages of my other project, fixin to scan some stuff. i ended up accidentally destroying one of my pages(i dumped white crap all over it), but then i think i've salvaged it. we'll see.
here is a preview from my top secret comic! it's a panel from page one. yes, that's who you think it is with me. please don't tell her!

that's it. for now. i'm going to try doing some computer coloring with the pages to this, something i don't really ever fathom myself doing much--mostly because doing things the old-fashioned way has more personality and warmth. for the time being i have access to computers and such, so i might as well take advantage of that. who knows! maybe i'll love it.

06 December 2008

northern hibernation page 2

this is page two from a couple hours ago. already deviated from the original writing.

northern hibernation p1

i had a downhill week, but today i am feeling better. i'm happy to feel like not being so uptight about drawing stuff. this was today's warm-up drawing and it's the good-old fashioned way for me: to size for photocopying and not on any fancy paper and not with any ideas around it being a project to undertake.
this morning i went to the post office with the extraordinary j-lok and as he waited in line i wrote on the back of an item of post the prose beginning of this page and the pages to follow it.

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