09 December 2008

northern hibernation p3

well, this is the scribble from sunday and i haven't drawn any more hibernation pages. last night i was looking over some pages of my other project, fixin to scan some stuff. i ended up accidentally destroying one of my pages(i dumped white crap all over it), but then i think i've salvaged it. we'll see.
here is a preview from my top secret comic! it's a panel from page one. yes, that's who you think it is with me. please don't tell her!

that's it. for now. i'm going to try doing some computer coloring with the pages to this, something i don't really ever fathom myself doing much--mostly because doing things the old-fashioned way has more personality and warmth. for the time being i have access to computers and such, so i might as well take advantage of that. who knows! maybe i'll love it.

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