15 December 2008

full moon weekend

first off, thank you lamberts!
they gave us a turkey a couple weeks ago and friday i put it in the fridge from the freezer and yesterday a handful of us here in the junc had dinner together at the american parlor/red haus, which was quite nice.
i appreciated sitting down with folk and eating together. so often i either eat standing or grazing while working. and i also enjoyed spending time in the kitchen, which i don't do nearly enough as of late. having a hand in food preparation feels good for the soul.
it really felt like a sort of happy holiday. thank you everyone!
this was also made possible because i have spent the weekend teaching myself to color on the computer. being at this point is making this comic fun again. i kept re-drawing these images that originally took about five minutes and made me laugh for about fifteen. inking seemed to take forever, and felt relieved when i reached what seemed an okay stopping point. but this coloring thing: it is taking forever (i sat at this computer for about thirty-five hours on saturday). and there are intervals where i start to exclaim that this is an awesome comic and sometimes i mean it! it's good not to be sick of whatever you are working on. that too is good for the soul.
anyway, here is a peak:

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