19 May 2009

little explosions

hi gyrls! it's been a doozy of a time the past few daze! i have been catching up on sleep, at times by unannounced surprise.
I GRADUATED! jeff smith (bone) was the commencement speaker. right now there is an exhibition up of the thesis work in the ccs lobby. stop by and take a gander if you find yourself in the upper valley. my dad came to town and i've gathered he was a hit at the party. folks loved him!
I WENT TO MAINE! mecaf was nicely situated, their first time and my first time as well at one of these comic book gatherings. it may be the only one i go to. crowds can make me feel funny sometimes. i love maine and it was too short a visit; i thought about moving back there.
THIS AFTERNOON I WAS A MEMBER'S GUEST AT THE ROTARY CLUB LUNCHEON! that would be District 7870 Southern New Hampshire and Vermont hosting group study exchange team Visayas District 3860 The Philippines, who made presentations about the Philippines.
i realize this entry doesn't have a picture, so here is some nonsense from my sketchbook:

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