26 May 2009

maybe you were amongst those

who perhaps thought i was only kidding when i said i was gonna screenprint a cover to my 24-hour comic. i try not to lie. well, here is:

very simple yet satisfying print. red on red action with some lavender gray. i forget sometimes how neat-o screen printing can be on construction paper. i wish it would translate on the computer screen. i am still working on the inside cover, but here is approximately what the full outside cover looks like:

screenprinting magic!
i might as well post a couple pages as well, but that'll be it for now
page 2:

page 14:


Sacha said...

Hey! You got your login to post your story online right? who said you were a wingnut, not me.

kubb E bear, esq said...

i've been trying to put the pages up since then. the log-in was funny too, it wouldn't work for days and then it finally did and then i couldn't tell if any of the pages were turning up on the site. i'll post when i get it figured out.

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