01 May 2009

time for a nap

i just got done screen printing (silk screening) the cover to beauty patrol! it will be one of the things i turn in for thesis work on monday. i will also have some at the maine comic arts festival, at the american stronghold table, may 17 in portland, me. for now i need some shut-eye.


Colleen said...


That looks amazing, Kubby! How many screens was it?

sandy said...

boss Hossdawg woo-woo WOW!
Lemmie- let- me- up- on- that- hood---- amazing Beltane wonder---can almost feel the bowling pins cascading off the cliff with that piece of work

kub E bear, esq said...

well, i can't rightly say how many screens i used or thought i would use, but there are five layers on this print. and funny, i did around 180-190 of these and i think only 1-3 came out perfectly... i haven't actually looked at them all yet as it was four in the morning when i bundled them up.

and YES, i was thinkin on ol' HOSSDAWG; he'd have been so beautiful standin up on a metal hood.

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