24 May 2009

twenty four ours

yesterday/this morning there was a 24-hour comic event put on by grandpapier http://grandpapier.org/ you can see names of participants from various cities and some of them have put up their work. my name isn't up probably because whoever submitted names probably thought i'm too much of a wingnut to actually participate seriously, but i ended up being one of two (possibly three?) folks that i'm aware of who had the chops to finish. jen http://thevaughncurse.com/ was an inspiration, she worked hard all day and night and stayed in her seat much better than my wandering bear ass and we both finished drawing around 6:30 am, leaving about an hour and a half left of the 24.
for those of you who may be unfamiliar with 24-hour comics, the goal is to create 24 pages of comics within 24 hours. i believe it originated with scott mccloud throwing down a challenge to steve bissette in order to churn the creative juices. now it is a celebrated world-wide challenge and there is an official day for it, but sometimes they just happen.
i did mine in a sketchbook, with china marker. a china marker is a sort of grease pencil wrapped in paper. overall, my pages are pretty rough and sloppy--it was refreshing not to rule out the borders. i'm still scanning, but here is a page:

p.s. sorry the links don't work. when i do them the way the computer wants me to, they don't show up at all.

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