21 May 2009


it's ninety sumptin degrees today, which makes it hard to sleep when one goes to bed at six a.m. and the sun shines on as you nap. i've been in the colodny basement again all night.
here are some conceits from last week. here is a picture of me:

that was drawn by brandon:

as we did a collaborative print. i've also been doing this thing--i've managed to shake the obsession of printing on black, but now i've tended to use at least one color that too closely matches the paper it is on and/or is just hard to see. for instance, can you tell there is a difference in color in the snowstorm scene? :

so last night i finally had an oppurtune moment to print some covers for an anthology for a writer's conference i sometimes am able to go to. and wouldn't you know it? for some reason i decide to use white on cream for one of my colors. well, here that one is:

it didn't quite come together as i would have wished(image-wise), but it was relatively quick to do only two colors, so there was a certain amount of satisfaction in doing only a couple colors. i might start doing more two or three colors for my screenprinting fun.

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kub E bear, esq said...

oh, yeah, and there was only one good version of the print from which the first three images are found. it was given away so these images were scanned from a "throw-away" print.

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