08 March 2009

beauty patrol!

tragic relief was right! no one's really seen much of beauty patrol! (you have to sing the title) i just kinda figure whatever you think beauty patrol is, it is. i have heard varying descriptions of what folk think beauty patrol is, and yup, they're all true!
if you are still wondering what it is, it is my current work-in-progress and apologies that i don't really put anything substantial work-wise on this blog yet. exposure 99% of the time curdles creative juices for me. but i've been thinking about beauty patrol because my time has been doing other things this week and i have no new pages. but weirdo that i am, here is page ten from a couplafew weeks ago. it's not one of the most spectacular pages of beauty patrol, but fulfilling in another way.
here's to winter ending soon!

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