04 July 2009

happy fourth!

today will be more odds 'n' ends.

has anyone out there seen this:

it's the marvyns preview by jeremiah piersol. i have been a fan of his since i laid eyes upon a copy of "the latoya jackson story," and i might add good luck in ever finding that gem!!!
so, this is just the first volume of "the marvyns:proper deception" and has quite the cast of characters. i anticipate how piersol will weave this story in the future. piersol has an underappreciated dark sense of humor and some of the characters are properly disgusting as they represent the different parts of society and the sicknesses that ail us. i laughed through much of the book!

in other news, last night i played i was part of the press as i went to a book release party at the revolution in white river junction, vermont. i snapped photos and conducted interviews.
the featured releases were woman king by c. frakes; monsters & girls: amelia part 2 by denis st. john; don't hate, menstruate by jen vaughn; and indestructble universe quarterly 2 morgan pielli.

there were some all-stars there and you can tell by my photos they will go to hell:

zara the pirate, who got interviewed:

bk: [zara], what brings you to the book-release party?
z: people
bk: oh, i see, i see--when did you start this obsession of yours?
z: uh, last tuesday-it kind of hit me like a bolt of lightning

b. elston

nicholas patten

sam carbaugh


c. frakes

morgan & denis st. john

gabby & jen vaughn

robyn & dennis

dane, jon chad and chuckles

here are some highlights from my interviews!

denis describes his comic as "body horror--a genre of horror hat describes a physical transformation or a physical pain but it's not the same thing as the torture genre."
he recommends all the books, "which will be available at revolution for all time."

morgan has "spelled out all the difficult words, and you can sound them out."
his comic "holds doors open, waters the garden, will function as a shim if your table leg is too short--if the others are too long, useful for propping up the tv so it's at that right angle so you can watch it without getting a glare, sops up spills, shade your windo if you tape it over the top. it's very, very practical."

jen "will be your tour guide through the uterus"

lastest but not leastest,
c. frakes is inspired by bears. she also claims, "i do silent comics cuz i'm not good at--sayin' stuff"

i disagree as we all know images can say many things words cannot.

thank you, dear reader for tuning into the antics here at barekublishing.
and yes, the film's expiration date was 06/02. but really, isn't this the future of polaroid, rumored to have been discontinued?

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