18 October 2009


hey all
i started a new comic two weeks ago that i am tentatively calling "clare"
i've been having fun with it. last week i averaged a page a day, which with job and social obligations, i was pretty happy about. but now it's averaged a page every two days cuz i only did two this week. here's one of them, page six:

so other fun news, i have a drawing buddy here in atx: silky! i went over other day to draw and just the night before she found a drawing table on the street that she brought home for me to use over there! so, i worked on the above page then. and we also talked about gathering together screenprinting materials. yes!!
we'll see how clare goes--
i apologize for the picture quality. thanks for tuning in in these sporadic times.


Dane said...



kubb E bear, esq said...

i'd be hoping you like clare.

el gato said...

hellz yeah

sounds like atx is treating ya right. nice.

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