18 June 2010


hello everybody! it's been so long since i have posted and while many things have changed, some things did not so much, like my usage of technology.
so, one of the changes is that a dear friend and i decided to do something relatively easy: play house! this may possibly be the first time i've signed on a lease, unless i did once over a decade ago. anyway, we have beautiful girls:

and the creature in the background is my friend tally-ho:

she poked out one of her eyes two weeks ago, but she doesn't seem to mind. i don't have a picture of that cuz i haven't used/seen my camera in two months, when i took all of these pictures.

what does any of this have to do with comics, you ask? well, not a whole lot except for distraction and inspiration. it really has been a crazy couple of months and that's just the lovely tip of the iceberg. and i will only include the lovely things here and now. back in april we of the house held a fund-raising car wash for the work hard stay hard work party happening this fall, where i think am registered to be captain of chainsaws and hopefully will be able to get my butt in gear to make a basic safety and maintenance booklet. here is a flyer i made for the carwash:

well, this is old news:

last march i printed another mini-comic, called clare, to take with me to staple!, that was held here in austin. staple!, by the way, seemed rather dudely to me, kinda more mainstream than i was expecting. but an odd aside, last night i visited some friends who're house-sitting for someone i do not know and i noticed some of auntie lynda barry's books on the shelf that didn't seem to contain many comics, and then i found a copy of my beauty patrol there as well, with a staple! program. kinda some small and unknown circles going here? anyway, clare--very limited print run on this one.
here's some of what it looks like:

also, another friend is putting together an anthology, and i just about buried my pages in the forgotten dust long ago, but finally finished them and sent them on--old fashioned style snail mail, since i am still lacking scanner access. i did a short 7-page piece and then i also did a one-pager. usps, please do not lose these!
here is a preview of the seven page story:

okay, that's all i have for now. have a good solstice, everyone. take a bow, twinkie ding-dong!


Dane said...

Whoa now!

Clare looks amazing!

And that dog looks elegant.

Liza said...

You're alive!
And you got chickens! Fluffy, shiny chickens!
Clare looks great!

Colleen said...

I would like to purchase a copy of your fine publication!

roxie said...

ahhhhhh--the dry drizzle has finally ended--and in such a satisfying way--can't wait to have the new stuff in hand--and unearth the camera--you got an eye!

Jose Luis Olivares said...

oh my! More Kubby comics, I'm so excited! We should mail some stuff to each other if you have any copies left!

e-mail me:

kubbybear at gmail

check out:

kubb cadets!

where to find some of my minis:

Domy Books
913 E Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78702
(512) 476 3669