08 December 2009

if you can't find it, grind it

i have been having bouts of misconcentration around projects. i have magically alleviated some of this bother by deciding to pull together the first installment of the clare story into a mini. now i get to be all dreamy about production. today after my job i spent a long time (for me) on the avenue of obtaining a scanner and tomorrow i will look at a free one from craigslist.

i kinda like this part of the process, where ridiculous gets serious.

anyway, since i don't have anything new scanned, here is something old.

it's from an unfinished comic that folks seem to refer to probably more often than other things i've worked on, although i don't think too many anybodies have seen it.
barekublishing is pleased to present a glimpse into a bygone era of secret wonder:

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sandy said...

YEAH--who wouldn't want to see the old stuff? it's great---and btw, i've put make-up on a bear---and nobody suffered---more secret wonders!

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