14 December 2009

this week

we here at the offices of barekublishing are celebrating the pony's birthday. to start, here is a comic featuring the pony:

the fishing trip was drawn this past june or july, and is printed in the funny aminals anthology. at the time i had just breezed through "a drifting life" by yoshihiro tatsumi, which influenced me to play with the vertical four-panels for each page.

also, credits for the story idea are due to Neighbor Lee, who employs this tactic while sometimes enjoying the out-of-doors.

if you wish to celebrate a birthday too, whether for the pony or someone else, please do so. if you are in austin and wish to commence in the onesies extravaganza cruise friday night, meet us up north at the bout time (or go to one of the various shows) and then set sail to my house for the afterparty featuring dj wonder! you can send me an email with questions about the venue if you are not a creep.

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