18 November 2008

please help!

originally came down to maybe post some comics samplings, but something more important has come up:
this message is from Rainbow of Pagoda. Kerry and her family are my friends. i am a bit crushed by the news. i will be sending something, and if you are at all able to do so as well, please do too. if you would like a mailing address for a donation, email me at kubbybear at gmail dot com.

a jacksonville lesbian family needs to be in our healing circle
linda their mom, and daughters kerry and stacy, were frequent
visitors at pagoda, and festivals,
and the girls grew up to become lesbians. now kerry has cancer and
is out of the hospital,
stacy has arrived to help, and linda is also caring for her
alzheimers mom. granny.
this family is broke.
in st augustine, a fund raiser at kozmic blues cafe, will be held nov
30 starting at 2pm. shefay will play at 4:30, and they are not sure
of the rest of the line up. maybe kareoke.
please show up OR SEND A CHECK, or item to be donated.

linda jackson was with pat cobb, who produced the festival for years.
a lot of you met these
sweet daughters at potlucks.
we will continue to think about how to fund raise, and i hope you
will send your ideas to me or mama raga. or dorothy campbell. or
cheryl at c o e. or me.
THANKS FOR ANY ENERGY, especially your mental focus. it will be felt.

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