26 November 2008

thank you!

i'm in school at the moment. after the semester started, a distasteful situation came up that i needed funds, pronto. and the whole thing sucked up a very large portion of two months' time, which i could have otherwise spent on drawing for my thesis or being nicer.
i just wanted to thank everyone who helped me with my fundraising, and all those who contacted me wishing that everything works out and that they were not able to send anything. but words do count for something big in my book. thank you, loves.
speaking of school, i need to have some sort of semblance of a thesis synopsis on monday. i'm a little fretful over this and what i will be able to include as above i had mentioned much time and energy had been put elsewhere.
i have other plans for this turkey weekend than preparing my thesis presentation, though! hopefully my next post will be a skill share. i have borrowed a camera from the school and will go over steps for screenprinting. i don't really ever take digital pictures, so this whole thing will be another learning experience, like this blog. see? i learn and hopefully you might too. my aquarian self thinks knowledge should be free and flowing for all.
also, i've run out of my comics on top of losing my thumbdrive, so there has been a process to slowly getting to print. this one that i am looking to do will be the pocket porn issue one that has the story in which i collaborated with writer pilou, "i like feet." the cover design is very simple and i feel like it will be a decent example for the skill share.

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