17 November 2008

trying this thing out

hi, it's kubby. i've started a blog, against my better notions.
in fact, in the middle of my first post, i froze the computer for about ten minutes and just had to start over. see? this computer thing is bad news bears.
anyway, here at barekublishing i will try to update what i am working on comics-wise. of course, i cannot limit myself to the narrowness of only posting on comics (i know, i know--any topic can become comics-related), so there will probably be tidbits here that interest or amuse me.
first of all being this: http://www.oculture.com/
open culture, your guide to smart media. amongst other things, i listened to a few podcasts on virology while drawing this weekend. i think it's one of the only podcasts dealing specifically with viruses, and the site is This Week In Virology: http://www.twiv.tv/
one exciting thing i heard was there was a guy with lukemia who also had HIV. he got a bone marrow transplant (for the lukemia) from someone who had a naturally occurring mutation (CCR5) which somehow blocks viruses from entering cells. so after his transplant with the white blood cells with the mutation , he is now apparently HIV-free. ... ! ... as this is new stuff there isn't a solid confirmation about it nor has it been submitted for publication yet. but this is exciting! if that mutation can be harnessed...
but back to this blog: hopefully there will be a facelift of sorts once i dig around how to manage this blog thing. blogspot has you choose a template, which are fine but kinda boring, especially considering the numerous blogs that get made in the same color/pattern scheme.
images coming soon!

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