18 November 2008


okay, this will lend some insight into me. this page is an excerpt out of a comic i drew six or seven years ago, when i was still quite ignorant that there is a whole world of folks making comics out there. that is, comics that are are not readily accessible if you do not live in a big town or have access to a computer or know where to look. and looking back, it amazes me that even a year and a half ago when i would try to search for comics on a computer, i still wouldn't find much.
anyway, the insight. admittedly, the reference from this page is to a richard brautigan book. i read much of his writing when i was younger and it certainly had an effect on me. even the very words on that page point toward why i have not had much of an internet presence.
i am also seeing how the image turns out, resolution-wise, so i will have a better idea of what to do with future images.

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