21 November 2008

so there are crazy coincidences. i have been hesitant to post what i've recently been drawing as it is intended as a (hopefully surprise) gift to an estranged friend. but i've reached a certain spot again in my being. it's since hearing about kerry. that evening i spoke with this friend, who once was lovers with kerry. i wanted to make sure they knew. most of you know i don't like using the phone. and the conversation i had with my old friend was comforting in the timeless connection kind of way, and intense on a few levels--her reaction to it all and the fact we haven't had much communication. and i told them to call me whenever, hoping it would be understood that not only would i understand the feelings and reactions of people involved (some of you know i had a lover with cancer a couple years ago but also that's around the time when those two friends were together, so it has stirred a little extra up in me as well) but that yeah, i am their friend and am open to speaking again. i am sorry if it is confusing if i am being ambiguous abut the identity of my friend. that's just how it has to be for me.
anyway, i thought it was funny that i thought this comic i am drawing would be the reaching out, but the universe has it's own way of working things out. so, i will scan something current soon, now that i feel like i don't need to be completely secretive about it.
here is a scribble i did one day for a warm-up, which i eventually thought was the best comic i've done in months! it probably won't make much sense to most people and is called for a love like brothers. love ya, buddy.

oh yeah...i quit smoking since then too! i feel a ghost of a lost as i didn't realize at the time that my last cigarette would be my last, and it feel like i should have been more celebratory around it, but oh well. the recent news has shaken me around certain aspects of life and it was time i quit being so self-abusive with the smoking. it did serve it's purpose for a while though.

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